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Braun Receivers

Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams Design is mostly related to BRAUN. The production of this german Brand was technically advanced in materials, electronic design, and superlative sonical performance. Overall quality was extremely high in every category of products and many Patents still belong to Braun. The Regie units in the picture are Receivers; the digital 550 D is a pure metal case, engineered as sturdy as possible. The Loudspeakers are unique in design , quality of the drivers with dome midrange & tweeter in Silk , passive cross over; die cast aluminium case…the so call Taunus Sound; expression widely used for Heco, Canton and Grundig. In the Photogallery the Dieter Rams Bookshelf used to host a superlative designed Bang & Olufsen series 5000 with pure Crystal fronts, is the famous aluminium bookshelf produced under license from different Design Brand in the furniture industry. A B&O receiver 2400 with Rosewood sidepanels is also recognizable. Mine is sourced from De Padova (Milan) . Materials:Aluminium, Rosewood, Crystal, Silk treated Dome

Refoaming: repairing session

The most common failure is due to the age. This affects the foam suspensions of the Woofer and the Midrange units. After 20/25 years the foam suspensions is simply dissolving; this process  is heavily influenced by external factors i.e: heat, smoke, extrem dry atmosphere… To restore a driver with a  new foam is a MUST to remove the dustcap and to fix the coil within the magnetic gap. Many repairs shops are simply avoiding this procedure  .  The result of such unreliable methods (fast and cheap) is a mechanical stabilty under high power requirements very  far away form the minimum requirements of quality. A replacement of a burned or interrupted Coil is also possible.